Month: January 2022

Get familiar with FQDN

What does FQDN mean? 

Fully Qualified Domain Name is more commonly known as its short acronym FQDN. Its main purpose is to show specifically the most complete version of the name of a particular domain name. In addition, that could be related to a website or to a server. 

The Domain Name System (DNS) is decentralized, and it has a very precise hierarchical order. The beginning and above everything else is the Root, and a level below is the Top-Level Domain (TLD). Next in the hierarchical order is the domain, and lastly is the precise hostname.

To make things a little bit more simple, here is an illustration of the full syntax of a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN):

hostname. domain name. TLD 


Take note that oftentimes the dot “.” that is last is frequently neglected by regular users. It specifies the Root. However, it is not required when you are surfing the Internet on an everyday basis. There are only several cases when you are going to need it

Elements and Structure of FQDN

The Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) actually has a very simple structure and three main elements. So, let’s explain a little bit more about them:

TLD (Top-Level Domain): It is illustrated with all of the familiar extensions that take place at the very end in an FQDN. Typically they are very short, and their length is only 2 or 3 letters, for instance, .com, .edu, .uk, etc. Of course, there are TLDs that are a little bit longer than that, such as .systems, .company, etc.

Domain: It is one level below the Top Level Domain (TLD) and is very familiar to everyday users. For illustration,

Hostname: It is easily defined with the symbols at the very beginning of the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). A very common and popular example is www in Depending on the need of the domain owner, he or she could make separate hostnames, and they are going to be connected to the domain. Here are some examples of such different hostnames:


Why do you need it?

There are so many different addresses on the Internet, and thanks to the FQDN, it is possible to describe the uniqueness of each of them. Therefore, it is crucial for a great online experience. Just imagine if there is no FQDN, your website is going to be hard to reach.

It is necessary to install an SSL certificate. This is because the majority of the websites are expected and required to have a feature like that.

Thanks to it, you have the ability to access domain services, such as File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and email. You are going to need it also if you desire to connect a domain name email to an email app

What does PQDN mean?

A Fully Qualified Domain Name with a missing part is also known as a Partially Qualified Domain Name (PQDN). If there is a missing element, it won’t show the precise location on the DNS hierarchy. For illustration, is a PQDN because it is missing the web host (www.) before the domain name. Regular users are used to typing only the PQDN because it is easier for them.

List with most popular Managed DNS service providers

A DNS service assists with handling the Domain Name System (DNS) servers. You could find various types of DNS service such as Managed DNS service, Dynamic DNS, Reverse DNS, Secondary DNS, Anycast DNS, etc. Additionally, you could be sure that a DNS service is a great choice when the DNS provider maintains many servers in different geographic areas. That way, it supplies stability and minimizes latency for its customers worldwide. DNS queries travel less, which boosts the speed of DNS resolution. Here are some of the most popular Managed DNS service providers!


Namecheap offers some very useful DNS hosting services featuring Dynamic DNS. They also provide Free DNS for small organizations, plus a free DNS management feature. It also offers features like email forwarding, URL forwarding and supports various DNS records, including A, AAAA, CNAME, SRV, and many more. 

Namecheap has multiple reliable name servers spread globally. Additionally, they help with improving the speed and performance of your website. They supply their customers with an easy-to-use console for DNS management for the complete administration of their clients’ DNS settings. 


ClouDNS is one of the very solid Managed DNS service providers that offers excellent DNS services and a fantastic price-performance ratio. It holds 34 Anycast locations placed all around the world. Many big brands, such as SpaceX, Starlink, TikTok, and Kia, trust ClouDNS to provide them with their services.

In addition, it has a Free DNS plan for smaller businesses with pretty decent features. The collection of DNS records supported by ClouDNS contains pretty much each basic DNS record plus some which are more on the advanced side.

It also provides fantastic Dynamic DNS, GeoDNS and DDoS protected DNS with a guarantee of 100% uptime and 24/7 customer support.

DNS Made Easy

DNS Made Easy is another one of the Managed DNS hosting providers that provides great speed to their clients. In addition, its Premium DNS plans are considered very affordable and offer a lot of great features. Of course, the basic plan is a great opportunity for small or mid-level organizations.

In addition, a fantastic feature that they supply is two-factor authentication. Thanks to it, it is possible to prevent somebody from hijacking a domain name and redirecting all of the available DNS records to a fraudulent place. DNS Made Easy offers the two-factor authentication feature contained in every single plan they have.

They give to their clients a pretty pleasant 30-day free period to test their services. That way, clients are able to determine if DNS Made Easy is working best for their website.

Hurricane Electric Internet Services

Hurricane Electric Internet Services offers DNS hosting service for free. They deliver their customers a solid connection all over the globe. Hurricane Electric IS holds an extensive network with many Points of Presence (PoPs) that not only supports IPv4 but also IPv6 in every place.

That DNS hosting provider gives the opportunity for establishing a low time-to-live (TTL) value which is not so common in many other free providers. Moreover, it has a collection of very useful DNS management features.

The tiny disadvantage is probably the interface, which is considered a bit aged and slightly not on the most trendy side when it comes to web design. Yet, it is a reliable DNS provider that numerous website owners trust completely.